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Bambula was conceived in 2015 by Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini as an artistic project that celebrates the union of expressive forms and their creative purposes.

Movement research, its expressive potential and the adaptability of the physical body to different performative contexts represents the input and the key to its compositions.


Bambula's work combines dance and physical theatre. It has explored relationships with visual poetry, photography, video Art, object manipulation and experimented with finding original as well as live improvised sound scores for its pieces.

Mainly inspired by themes of social, aesthetic and speculative nature, each work aims to lead into a journey of spontaneous reflection where our human aspects are to be found and placed at the fore.

The company has performed at Resolution! (The Place, London), Black Box Dance Theater Festival (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), 25th Quinzena de Danca de Almada (Lisbon), Kilowatt Festival, Corpi Uscenti, Resisterecreare, ADH, TenDance Festival (Italy), among others.





Marios Podaras







Justyna Sochaj


Nick Herman


Massimiliano Monsù


Debora Renzi


Mattia Maiotti


Silvia Bastianelli




Paolo Rosini
Marta Massoli


Dave de Rose
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PAOLO ROSINI is a Chreographer, Dancer and Performer. After he achieved a BA degree in Architecture he moved to London in order to develop his dance technique attending professional classes and workshops at The Place, Laban and GDa. He collaborated with Wide Eyed Dance Company, LCP Dance Theatre, Consensus, Mapped Production, Viral Institute of Performance Architecture (V.I.P.A), Mette Sterre, Chung Wung, Eddie Peake among others.


In 2017 he has been selected to create a choreographic work for “Third Row Dance Company”, University of Roehampton's third year dance company. In 2015 he co-founded BAMBULAproject, and presented his works in UK, Bulgaria, Lisbon, Greece and Italy. Currently he is collaborating with Balletto Civile, a Dance Theatre Company directed by Michela Lucenti. In 2019 he won the TenDance's Award with the piece ORIRI and he has been a selected Choreographer at ADH with the piece DOT.

GABRIELLA CATALANO is a dancer and a movement practitioner whose work investigates the relation between dance and musical, visual or linguistic environments in the context of live performances.​ She has a contemporary and classic ballet background coming from her training at the international choreographic centre Opus Ballet (Florence, Italy).

Subsequently she has continued her journey following and drawing inspiration from different techniques and methods:  Axis Syllabus (Frey Faust), Instant Composition (Julyen Hamilton), Contact improvisation and Partnering, Flying low and Passing through (David Zambrano),  Bodyweather (Min Tanaka), Ferus Animi/Terra Nova (Tomislav English) among others.

After obtaining a BA degree in Eastern philosophies, history and cultures at the University of Bologna, she's looked to expand her knowledge and enrich her physical vocabulary through the practice of Yoga, Tai'Chi and Ci-Gong disciplines; Brazilian Capoeira and the ancient Indian martial Art Kalarypaiattu.

In the last few years she's been based in London (UK) where she worked with Exzeb Dance Company, RuN Collective, Alleyne Dance, collaborated with the photographer/film-maker Chung Wang and Artists from different backgrounds.

Recently she co-founded Bambula, an artistic project  that adopts dance and physical theatre as primary instruments of expression but that aims to celebrate the union of varied Art forms and their spontaneous,creative purposes.

JOHN LUCY is a creative technologist and designer working in Birmingham and London. His work includes interactive wall projections, artworks realised through industrial robotics, kinetic motorised installations, lighting and sound design, and realtime audio-reactive visuals. 

Projects include content production for the Roundhouse, London's Natural History Museum, Valentino Zuchetti of the Royal Ballet and the UK Space Agency.

​Currently developing my practice to include robotic and kinetic interactive installations. I have worked on projects programming DMX moving head lights, LED arrays, Arduino-driven servo motor arrays, stepper motors, dynamixel robotics motors and Universal Robots robot arms.

Experienced Designer with a broad range of skills. Specialisms include algorithmic design, video and live visuals. I work with companies to provide interactive installations, realtime visuals for performances and bespoke video content.

Dave De Rose is an Anglo-Italian multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, educator & sound engineer based in London. 

Since moving to the UK from Rome in 1996 he integrated into the London music scene making waves live and on record with many well known & most interesting projects. ​Studying Jazz at The Guildhall he graduated with Distinction winning the Carlton Cranberry Award.

He has extensively toured around planet earth with popular music bands Moloko (2003-2004), Roisin Murphy (2005-2008) Mark Ronson & The Business International (2010-2011), Mulatu Astatke (2010-present), Rokia Traore (2013-2014) and recorded drums for Bastille (“Flaws” &” These Streets”), Jamie Cullum (for BBC St. Pepper tribute radio series “Being for the Benefit of Mr.Kyte”), Roisin Murphy (“Hairless Toys” and “Up to Monto” LPs) Scroobius Pip (“Let Em Come”, “Little Soldier Boy”).

Over time his contributions shifted away from session work towards asserting himself within artistic productions of underground projects such as Electric Jalaba (Independent/Strut Records), Flying Ibex (Bomb Shop/Best Laid Plans), Vula Viel “Good Is Good” (Independent), Pokus (Stac),  Forest Binary (independent) & The Day Goes (DDR records) as well as self-releasing 14 records on his own label. 

His latest project Agile Experiments, has been well received by the underground experimental jazz vinyl community world-wide. Within it's first year, it caught the attention of the British Library's “Sound Archive” project that requested to have it on catalogue in order to archive and preserve the music as part of the nation's audio and cultural heritage.

The project has released four LPs in two years: “Agile Experiments vol.1”(April 2018) , “Agile Experiments vol.2” (September 2018), “London - The Ultimate Guide to Avant-Garde-Step – sides A & B” (June 2019) and “Athens” (September 2019).

Chiara Tosti is a free-lance dancer. Since 2013 she began her studies at “Codarts Hogeschool Voor De Kusten”. From 2017 she started to collaborate with Agora Choaching Project by Michele Merola and Enrinco Morelli then later with Mandala Dance Company by Paola Sorressa. Currently she is collaborating with Fabula Saltica by Claudio Ronda

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