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YEAR 2015-2016 Running Time 25min



Choreography & Artistic Direction

Paolo Rosini


Assistant Choreographer Gabriella Catalano

Dancers Vanessa Michelon| Melania Pallini

Justyna Sochaj | Nick Herman 

Spoken words Gabriella Catalano


Light & Sound Designer John Lucy

Costume Designer Sandro Santini


Building The Route     

In an infinite flow of configurations where everything can be sent and received, what are we losing and what are we gaining? Where am I? Where are you?

The performance explores the different approaches toward the practice of physical space. The impulses of cities are colliding against the impulses of the body, articulating and exasperating the multiple sensibilities of an ever-changing urban society. Moving like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we spread around our culture and identity, designing a new social and global image. What shape will this image take?

 "..There are threads of building and creation, and a strong sense of ensemble and unity. BAMBULAproject succeeds in ending the evening on an uplifting note via their powerfully connected final image.."

Anna Rachael McBride, Resolution!, The Place January 2016


"..In one absorbing sequence, two of the performers create winding paths for their fellow dancers, slowly bridging the distance between them... at its best it speaks powerfully to how individuals connect and collide in the modern world.."

Catherine Love, Resolution!, The Place January 2016

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