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Artistic Direction Hung-Chun Wang


Cinematographer Joel Alfonso Vargas, Hung-Chun Wang


Script Hung-Chung Wang


Actress Simone Schmidt Labarga | Gabriella Catalano 


Actors Ricardo Dominugez | Paolo Rosini


Stylist Ball Ball Chiu MUA | Phebe Wu | Josie Chan | Se-Chun Liu

Hair Dresser Roy Hayward


Dresser Mei Weng


Setting Designer Wen Yi Hsieh

Editing Hung-Chung Wang

Cinematographer Assistant  Yi-Chi Chiu | Hsin-Jui Lin | Sofija Maria Killa


Photographers Hung-Chun Wang | Yolanda Liou

Music Seth Scott



BAMBULAproject's collaboration for the production of a short fashion movie by the photographer and film-maker Hung-Chun Wang 


The film merges from the need of translating metaphoric images from the author's storyboard into visual poetry.

"In my opinion, poetry leads us to explore the intangible truth . In the contemporary poetry, it presents meanings with montage and rhythm which increased the imagination in the process of my image creation. I would like to explore viewers’ sense to recognize the time and focus on considering how to approach out expression to reach the need in communication with great satisfaction . And I believe poetry is 'to stay in a status' to seek a subjective answer, not the answer itself"


Hung-Chun Wan 

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