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YEAR 2014-2015 Running Time 40 min




Choreographed & performed by

Gabriella Catalano & Paolo Rosini 


Live music specially composed by

Marios Podaras (violin/loops)

Dave De Rose (Drums)

Nathaniel Keen (Guitar)


Costume Designer Sandro Santini


Photographer Piotr Zielewsky


Light Designer John Lucy


Masks Jake Keen


Expanding foam          

" This is an exquisitely crafted work that intertwines movement, music and design to powerful effect." 

Philippa Newis, Resolution!, The Place January 2015

Expanding Foam invite you to explore the incoherent dynamics of an oneiric journey   coming to its end. Conscious thoughts are waking up to infiltrate the previous dreams and soon replace theme.




The slightly menacing busts of two men’s heads appear to be floating in space. They have a quizzical expression. In juxtaposition to those disembodied sculptures are the dancers’ grounded bodies, naked from the waist up, with heads shrouded in white cloth. Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini certainly set up an obscure Freudian dream scenario in which they pass through phases of entrapment, frustration and release; surfing over each other’s bodies in seamlessly fluid contact, they become pliable material that can expand and contract in the space. While visually exquisite in terms of sculptural awareness and luscious movement, Expanding Foam is emotionally tough, cold and disorientating – rather like a troubling dream.

Josephine Leask, London Dance, Dance Insider January 2015


Expanding Foam, choreographed and performed by Gabriella Catalano and Paolo Rosini, is first rate. It is eloquently danced with meticulous attention to choreographic detail. The duets have a silky, elastic quality. There are some delicious moments when their bodies seem to merge: sharing each other's breath and physicality. Catalano and Rosini finely tune beautiful technique with innovative choreography. The live music really gives this piece the edge. The conversation between the dancers and musicians is spellbinding; they create a shared language which opens the door to the ebb and flow of our unconscious. This is an exquisitely crafted work that intertwines movement, music and design to powerful effect.


Philippa Newis, Resolution! The Place January 2015






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