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Resolution! 2015
Expanding foam
Robin Howard Dance Theatre, The Place 23rd January 2015 

‘Dreams are foam’, as Freud argued, when we are submerged entirely in their all-encompassing state.
They go into spirals, collapse, they enter loops of indefinite durations, leap through time, puzzle pieces joining memories.


Before vanishing in the morning light an unperceivable experience begins, they live a transformation as reality infuses them.  Even before the first cockerel crow, dreams burst through the oneiric bubble in which they once played. As expanding foam they get trapped into ambiguous, toxic forms. Now impermeable to impulsive instincts they are not any longer the matter of subconscious release but an object of rational thought"

"My Friend and I"
London Theatre Workshop, Fullham UK - tickets here 

16th Oct 2014

"My Friend and I" is a collection of dance, theatre and spoken word from young, fresh Artists. This evening of work will raise funds for Awareness Through Dance and the Ghana 2015 trip that I, Sarah Louise B Kristiansen and a bunch of young dancers has been incredibly fortunate to be apart of. This year, the cause for the trip is Women's Empowerment and Girl's Education. It's been an incredible journey so far - and I couldn't have started it without my friends. Therefore, I chose the theme for this evening to be friendship and togetherness. Let's all celebrate each other and how amazingly lucky we are to have incredible people around us. There will be Dance, Theatre, Spoken word and a unique opportunity to have a look at how dance is created through a live rehearsal. Furthermore, you can enter a raffle to win fantastic prizes - and most importantly, help a young woman get her bottom to Ghana! Can't change the world sitting in a crappy flat in Kilburn, so let's DO THIS!

The Sky in a Room
Dreams are Foam
hARTs LANE STUDIOS, New Cross, London UK, in collaboration with RuN Collettive

27/28 September 2014 programme here hARTs 

Part of Deptford X 2014

‘The Sky in a Room’ is a twin installation exploring the theme of private/public space by taking the usual domestic setting out of its context. Harts Lane, the street outside of the gallery is transformed into a home complete with furniture, kitchen, living room, whilst the inside of the gallery is turned into a garden. The public and passers by are invited to be part of the event by spending time inside the ‘house’, or in the ‘garden’ to read, chat, drink coffee and let their guards down by allowing the unexpected to happen. Eighteen artists engage with the setting and its narrative in the form of happenings, video projections, objects and performances.

The project addresses the lack of outdoor public space to meet in New Cross by offering a playful platform for casual encounters and organic communication. The setting provides a domestic oasis to give back the borrowed time that we often operate from. It will lead to reconsidering our perception of space and architectural form by challenging the conventional inside/outside viewpoint and our concept of privacy.

By swapping the paradigms of indoor and outdoor, ‘The Sky in a Room’ questions the context of art in relation to space, and the gallery wall as the filter between art and non art. The value of art is the difference it makes to an individual or a group.

Curated by Cristiana Bottigella, Sigrun Sverrisdottir and Tisna Westerhof.

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